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Hi people!
Zombie land :icondeathfaceplz: is quite dreadful so I came back to virtual world to RP and to Party~

My Thesis deliberation just ended so I'm quite free and I have the privileges to enjoy the semestral break! :iconrlytearplz:

for those who are curious., yeah I passed my thesis deliberation :iconberwaldplz: 


there will be an event this OCTOBER 20, 2013 at SM Megamall! it's Oh no! Manga Octo Con 2

and our group TOCH will be there! in the Indie Islands! 
so visit us guys! our table will be:
Tables 7 and 8 by tonettechan12

We will have some anime merchandises, on the spot commissions etc.
and I'm one of the commissioner there so COMMISSION ME GUYS! :icontinoplz:

and I have some new set of Kuroko no Basuke Stickers!
Kuroko and Taiga in fruits~ by tonettechan12
But I won't be selling these babies., I will include them in the draw lots prizes! :iconwooooplz:

what is the draw lots?

well then let me enlighten you~~

TEST YOUR LUCK! by tonettechan12

where to draw your luck?
Bowl of Stars by tonettechan12
in the bowl of stars of course! :iconiloveyouplz:
so whats inside the jackpot prizes?
What's inside the jackpot freebie~~ by tonettechan12

so TEST YOUR LUCK! with us guys!!

VISIT US AT Oh no! Manga Octo Con 2!!

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okay now I'm being emotional... no just joking but seriously I want to be active as in everyday logging-in here but GEEZ!!

My freaking !@#$%^&* Thesis is holding me back~

to All my RP groups and friends waiting for me to log-in/ update anything or uploading some crappy artwork of mine., I'm So SORRY for not being active.,

We all know that school work first right? :)

since I'm such a feeler that I have a supportive like fans/watchers, I here thank you :) and because of that I want to share my another set of bookmarks that I will sell at a convention on October!

so please guys! I here beg you m(-_-)m...m(_ _)m...m(-_-)m...
watch out for TOCH (our group) and purchase this awesomeness :D

Sample Bookmark Kuroko no Basuke by tonettechan12

okay so It's their future work XD
Kagami as Firefighter, Kuroko as Nursery teacher, Aomine as police, Kise as pilot, Midorima as doctor, Murasakibara as pastry chef, Akashi as Shogi Master, Momoi as  a nurse and as a Bride, and Taiga and Alex in my Birthday fan art for Taiga :D

well until next month? I guess? haha well I'll just finish my thesis so WISH ME LUCK GUYS~

Finally I can show you guys the bookmarks and stickers that I sold at the Oh-no! Manga! event!

Kuroko no Basuke Bookmark set~

Kuroko no Basuke Sticker set~

I made these sweeties last last month and I just uploaded it because I waited for the event to finish before I uploaded it~

but if there's another event I'll upload it here so you can see before the event~



Well I've been in a mini Hiatus in terms of using computer and shits because my uber old laptop gave up on me, well slightly 
~pls kill me~ :icongunplz: :icontonettechan12: :iconexitplz: 

so I bought a new laptop :iconomgsocuteplz: so that I could use CAD and Google sketch up for my school shits

And that's why I didn't update or even log in to Skype this past few days! or month :iconsadspartaplz:


but since this bitch troll is back I could update again! or so I thought., I still have this THESIS nightmare :icongagahaaplz: lingering around me but no worries I will update or still talk to you guys! Let's RP! or anything! I will give time for my leisures., well I know I'm super laid back but I'll die from over work if I don't give a time to chillax well at least an hour or two for a day right? :icondeidaraapprovesplz:



:iconchiisanamachi: :iconchiisanamachi: :iconchiisanamachi:

so feel free to join the group! It's interesting! well I joined for my fourth instalment in the Kuro family :iconimdiabolicalplz:

HEYA GUYS! Guess who's back!
The bitch troll is back!

I know it's been a while...
actually I'm not planning of going back or doing shit here at dA but I found some awesome groups for my OCs so I'll stay here and be MORE FREAKING ACTIVE :iconrlytearplz:

Here are the groups I'm planning on joining!

:iconvilla-romaacademia: :iconvilla-romaacademia: :iconvilla-romaacademia:
:iconsaotome-high:  :iconsaotome-high:  :iconsaotome-high:
:iconfuruya-h: :iconfuruya-h: :iconfuruya-h:
:icontachikawa-high: :icontachikawa-high: :icontachikawa-high:

Feel free to join the group too!! :iconiloveyouplz:



some Filipino Spoted again!! :iconraepfaceplz:


:iconseika: :iconseika: :iconseika:


:iconarisumorninggraceart: :iconarisumorninggraceart: :iconarisumorninggraceart:

Heya Guys!! :icongrin--plz:


OH! and by the way! I got this new blog, channel and Elidiun account :iconsadfaceplz:

here's for the Blog
here's for the YouTube Channel…
and here's for the Elidiun…
visit me there guys! :D

and that's it for now :icondawhatplz:
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EEEM BHEEECK! :iconsmilederpplz:

how are you guys? I miss you all :) there are so many things that happened! and somewhat I like to tell you some of it :iconheythereprettyplz:

Guilty pleasure~
so the reason why I'm not updating or doing anything because when I draw the things I like I always feel GUILTY! why? because instead of doing my school plates I'm doing some fan art or anything not related to school. So that's why I'm not updating anything.

:new: ART BLOG :new:
YEY! me and   :iconsoramatsuri:   have our very :new: ART BLOG! visit us! { } OH! OH!


TinierMe :)
anyone here who has an account in TinierMe? :) ADD ME UP! hehe
I'm planning on opening an artshop soon in TinierMe it's called [Chibi Cafe]:) feel free to visit me :) and if you read this, mm me at tinierme and I'm going to make a chibi of your avatar for free :) [first five only :")]

my selfy is : wrathlust

well that's all for now hehe :icontinoplz:

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Hi guys! It's been a while., Sorry for my late replies... :iconbowplz:

anyway., since I log in today., I uploaded my new artwork., actually I just finished it today but the initial sketch is done a long time ago gyahaha :iconlaughsplz:

here's the link for my  :new:  artwork  :)

then this is the sketch X)…
after a long long long decade., I'm back! I think?

anyway another pinay has been spotted! Here in dA! :D

the name is :iconlittlemissmarikit: Marikit :D

hey hello there Marikit! :D nice meeting you here on dA :D


gah! :O I drew Anri-chan! and I think I failed! >__<

anyway :iconjaydz-05: requested to me that to submit the Inoue Orihime sketch 

Orihime Page by tonettechan12

and I did so now I'm going to submit the complete version of it :D It's another Inoue Orihime with sunflower! :D :D

well anyway so long again :D see you next time :D

~tonette :p

yeah... I know It's been a while...

sheez gawd dammit!
no inspiration
no motivation
no love
no peace
yes drunk
yes addict
yes busy

no PLATES! please...

nah I'm just LAZY... I just want to lay down in my bed...
but one of my REASONS is our exams is just over (more like three weeks ago)

gah! I just super lazy!
lazy to think
lazy to clean my room
lazy to type
lazy to feel

I feel nothing! I'm so lazy that I'm lazy to feel anything...

need to change this life style!


I'll just shut my iffin mouth., cut my iffin fingers., and poke my iffin eyes....
sooo gore.... :o

what a nonesense entry for a journal but I think all of my entries are nonesense...


moving on...

I WANT TO THANK :iconmysteltain08: for making this awesome artwok xxx-blackcat08-xxx.deviantart.…?


oh and by the way...
I forgot...
maybe next time...
I'll say it...

the thing that I wanted to say is...
ahaha nah just promoting anathar artist! since I promoted the blackcat :D

well the thing is I ifck'n didn't know that a parent would name his/her/their child/children as "Marionette" because basically it means a puppet! so I named some of my OC's as Marionette then saw this persons account and her iffin name is MARIONETTE!! sheez! though I think her name is similar to mine and you know, mixed it. Anyway I befriend her and she got me THIS!! cool huh? those are my repapipz! ahaha so hapey about this! :D oh by the way she is a PINAY! from my own beloved country :D naks beloved!

so thanks :iconwaffleinvasion: for this artwork

TWO COOL ARTWORKS FOR ME THIS MONTH! :heart: :heart: :heart:

well I think I'll be back again after a few decades :D
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GAH GAH GAH! (actually that's my laugh)

yesh! at last! finally! :D I uploaded something new and I wish you'll like it :D

but sad to say., I might be gone for a while...because of family and health issues of mine., >__<
I'll make this suuper short okay? I still feel bad....but I'll get well as soon as possible!(is the grammar right? sheesh) :D anyway., that's all :D

~tonette :heart:
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so I'm thinking of opening a points commission....

so that I can afford to buy a premium :D

so what do you think guys? How much worth my drawings are? How much will you spend for my art?

actually I'm testing my skills in drawing so I thought of opening an points commission; while gaining some points for the premium I test my skills., :D

this is what I think....

>head shot (trad / digi)
   line art= 5points
   rendered= 10points
   full rendered=20points

>half body (trad / digi)
   line art= 7points
   rendered= 15points
   full rendered= 27points

>Chibi (trad / digi) <depends on details>
   line art= 5points
   rendered= 10points
   full rendered= 15points

what do you think? lower the price or higher?

just tell me okay., I really need your opinion guys., :hug:


okay about the thank you chibis for my dear watchers of mine... I'm so sorry I'm so delayed., let me explain my self...

I'm so stuck at using traditional tools., so I'm taking a break in Digi art., but If you want me to draw your chibis in trad., then I'll be happy :) SOOOO HAPPY!

and for the ones who's waiting like forever., I forgot to tell you guys that I'm updating the Thank you chibis ones a month., I'm so sorry for those who waited for me >__<
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YA-HA! :iconikilleditplz:


first of all....


My dear watchers! and for those who :iconfavplz: my works and those who give :llama: to me...
:heart: you all :)

as to thank you....

I made this
:new: > < :new:
I just finished it hehehe., yey! :boogie:

but of course I'm far from done., that's only the first set :)

in the first set
:iconklyde1122:  :iconshihoin:  :iconmysteltain08:  :iconjaydz-05:

then again



YA-HA! :iconinomitplz:

IT's :iconjaydz-05:'s Bday!!
PRE! HAPPY BeeRTHDAY!!! :party: :boogie:

> <
and THIS!
> <



I forgot to tell you guys....
I think I will be gone for now... >_<
because my laptop is being over used by me... gyahaha so see ya!
:iconikilleditplz: YA-HA!
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YA-HA! :iconikilleditplz:

so after the very long sleep of my brain., at last! :iconinomitplz: I UPDATED MY GALLERY/ARTWORK!

YES! I'm happy :iconihappyloveitplz: well of course I think it's a progress in my slothius (I don't know what it means because I just created that word :blahblah:) lifestyle., because since the semester ended the only things I did was :sleep:, read, :sleep: again, gosh! I even forgot to eat! :iconidislikeitplz:

anyway that tragic past is now a past (huh? :iconiderpitplz:) then I realized that my friend :iconjaydz-05: 18th BEERday is coming! :iconilickitplz: :iconbestbuddiesplz:

I NEED TO BUY A GIFT! :iconicantbelieveitplz:

but since I don't have money...YES! I DON'T HAVE MONEY! :iconikilleditplz:

:iconretardiloveitplz: I did all I can to have a present for :iconjaydz-05:'s 18th BEERday...

so., I had it prepared already! :D happy happy :D :boogie:

anyway., I think that's it for today's journal., :D

~YA-HA! :iconinomitplz:
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well It's obviously that I updated this journal is because I found something weird.,

first of all., for me FB (facebook).....I'm getting bored with it., >,< so I started searching a network site....then I found this.,

It is a site that I'm the first one who joined it., >,< I think it's brand new >,<

well I'll be happy if all of you my friends joined :)
I'm a little bit lonely., hehe

that's the site :)
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I have a new story! whoo this time it's a fantasy romance! well it's just a trial.....sooooooo I wish everyone can enjoy it! :D

oh by the way., it's been a while since a made a light novel...and maybe others will think that I'm not a type of person who writes a story ahahaha

just to share hehehe =) it's one of my college course choices is journalism :O I know right! ahahaha :D somewhat it's funny that I have that choice and being end up a art student. hehehe anyway., I'm going to upload the prologue,.by the way., ahaha I still don't have any title for this sorry :|

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what the hell?! I'm so stupid realy stupid...

I deleted my 6GB of pictures in my laptop., all of it! ALL OF IT! I really wanted to die, on the spot!

WHY?! coz I'm stupid! I thought the folder is a shortcut but to my surprise it's not, so I DELETED ALL MY PICTURES! My sketches, artworks, photography....  :'(

It's just a Photo with memories in them, so what if its lost? then I'll make a new one and better one! ^_^


am I just comforting my self?


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wow., my last journal entry is last Aug, 18, 10.... IT'S BEEN A VERY LONG TIME! well sorry for that., I've been very busy lately because of our finals., but today! OH YES! hehehe I'm done rendering my chibi's., well not all of them...but at least I rendered 7 of them! hehe


hmmm I know that I'm not regular here in dA...but I'm more active at follow me...AND I FOLLOW BACK <3

my facebook? (tonette cruise)

I Love you ALL! <3
see you next time hihi
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then again...


after a decade (4 months) I'm here again...just to upload my not so good fan art of my very own xxxMaLditAxxx   

well sorry if it's not good but I'm going to practice more to improve my art style....

aaaahhhh! so many things happened...

~I'm already in my second year in UST majoring in Interior Design
~I met so many people specially from the org (illUST)
~I'm back playing Magic: the gahtering
~I'm already 110lvl in CABAL
~I'm starting to learn how to read notes (music)
~I'M BACK at dA

>tagalog mode<


nag babalik muli~

hehe eh walang magawa eh...upload mode lang...practice ng rendering....bakasakaling mag improve eh...PERO SANA! MAG IMPROVEEE


wala lang trip trip lang muna at baka bumalik ulit sa dA...


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OH YEAH!! hehe Finaly I worked on my tumblr account,. It's been months since I started there just to follow someone ^^

I thought my friends don't know it because twitter is famous to them but then my other friends knew tumblr so I started to organize my account and put some blogs there ^^

well I will not leave dA ^^ but I think I will be active on dA if I'm going to upload some of my works...well I don't want to have a blog here in dA full of nonesense ^^ at least my blog here is still about art,. I guess? ^^

anyway I will still stay touch here in dA...

(if you have any tumblr account just tell me your account name ^^ I will follow you if your fine with it ^^ this is my tumblr :

thanks for reading my journal today ^^
~kuro shujin
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ahaha finaly! we had our photoshoot! It's been a long time since we had our last shoot, I guess last year?

in this shoot I decided to take the photo early in the morning so that there's no vehicle that pass by and to have the concept of Rukia and Yachiru going to school.

well just enjoy what we have done. if you can enjoy it
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